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Tianqi participates in the formulation of national standards Part 4: Ice hockey protective gear

2020-10-06 11:09:44 kujiadmin 31

The national standard plan "Ice Hockey Protective Gear Part 4: Goalkeeper's Head and Face Protection" is reported and implemented by  607 (China National Light Industry Council), and the competent authority is China National Light Industry Council . Proposed implementation date: officially implemented 6 months after release.

The main drafter of  Ningbo days flag Technology Co., Ltd.  , Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Institute of Hebei Province  , China Sporting Goods Association  , Qiqihar Black Dragon International Ice and Snow Equipment Co., Ltd.  , Zhaoqing Bo Han Sporting Goods Co., Ltd.  , Ningbo days flag Technology Co., Ltd  .

The main drafters were  Wang Hanliang  , Sun Li  , Hao Peng  , Huang Wei  , Zhang Ming  , Zhou Jinhua  .

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This standard is equivalent to the ISO international standard: ISO 10256-4-2016.

Standard Chinese name: Ice hockey protective gear. Part 4: Goalkeeper's head and face protection.

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